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  LED470/505-TR8W - High Power LED Transmitted Light

   470/505nm (Blue/Cyan) LED Transmitted light for fluorescence excitation
High intensity transmitted light for microscope fluorescence observation. (10x more powerful than previous model) Compound dichroic filter eliminates background by cutting off longer wavelength at steep angle, enables to observe/capture high contrast image even with weak fluorescent band.
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fluorescence excitation LED transmitted light for stereo microscope

LED Transmitted light 470nn blue, 505nm Cyan 10 times brightness ! (* than previous model)
Direct, high power LED light from right beneath
the stage provide 10 times more power.
Blue 470nm / Cyan 505nm cover most
fluorescent reagent commercially available.
Dramatic effect of Dichroic Filter

LED transmitted light, high contrast, long cut, dichroic filter
no filter     with filter 
Eliminate background completely!
Compound dichroic filter cuts off residual
wavelengths at longer end and eliminates
background completely. Enables high contrast
imaging by separating even weak fluorescence
High performance with various more user-friendly features !
1. High efficiency heat sink structure, die-cast aluminum casing.
2. Low heat LED prevents damaging sample specimen.
3. Long-life LED virtually eliminate task of periodical exchange as fluorescent bulb requires.
4. Dimmer control, Fixating stage plate for stereo-microscope and more
LED Transmitted light for fluorescence excitation LED Transmitted light features

   Product Composition and Price
 Product  Code Price 
LED Transmitted Light LED470-TR8W
US$ 580 
 LED Transmitted light components
   LED Transmitted Light Body (dichroic filter equipped)
   AC-DC adapter 100V-240V universal - 12V1.5A 18W
   90 degree conversion plug
   Fixating stage plate・select one from φ90/95/100mm
   (Nikon = φ90 / Olympus = φ100 / YS series = φ95)

   Filer Holder System (optional item) and System Prices
顕微鏡用蛍光励起フィルターホルダー  Compatible with most
 stereo-microscope as
 Nikon/ Olympus. Enable
 fluorescent observation.
Price : US$ 190
 Simple type with rubber
 band attachment. Attaching
 to relatively larger size
 objectives are also possible.
Price : US$ 60

Set Code Price Filter Holder Systems
 * Copy & Paste Set code and price to inquiry / order form ↓↓
LED470-TR8W US$ 580
LED470TR8-MFH US$ 770
LED470TR8-LFH56 US$ 640
LED505-TR8W US$ 580
LED505TR8-MFH US$ 770
LED505TR8-LFH56 US$ 640
Product Code LED470-TR8W
Price US$ 580 US$ 190 US$ 60

   Optional Items : For fluorescence observation

Code   Price    Product description
YG-SC57 US$ 66   Gel Cut Goggle ( LED505-TR60W standard accessory)
Gel cut Goggle (below 570nm) widely usable for Blue/Green excitation
High contrast filter enable to observe sharp images. Wearable over glass.
MF-SC55D US$ 245   Dichroic Filter
Cut off below 550nm wavelength and transmit fluorescence wavelength
more efficiently than regular SC filters, enables to observe and capture
higher contrast image of even weak band     
MF-SC60A US$ 69 SC60 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of EtBr, Gel Red, SYPRO Red, DS Red etc
MF-SC56A US$ 33   SC56 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange, GFP etc, with BLUE LED.
YS-05Z US$ 1,260 Direct-C mount Zoom Stereo-Microscope
High quality trinocular stereo -microscope with direct 1.0x C-mount port. Attaching DSLR, Compact digicam, CCD camera to capture high quality microscope photo.

Spectral characteristics of LED470/505 and Spectral transmittance characteristics
of Dichroic Filter LC525,
SC fileter SC56/60
 505nm 470nm
 Radiation method Direct emission from LED set straight beneath the stage
 Filter Multilayered vapor deposition dichroic filter
(with anti-fluorescence reflective processed)
EtBr, Gel Red, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange, FIT, GFP,
EGFP, etc * Reagents that obsorb
Ex between 485-510nm
SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYBR Safe, SYPRO Orenge, SYPRO Ruby, etc. * Reagents that obsorb Ex between 450-490nm
 Extra features On/Off switch, Dimmer Control equipped at front
 AC-DC adapter
Input: 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz universal
Output::12V 1.5A (18W)  PSE / UL / CE approved.
 Power consumption At Max output : 8.1W - Variable volume
 Lump Life expectancy 40,000 hour
 Cooling system High efficiency Heat Sink Structure・Die-Cast Aluminum Casing
 Accessories 90 Degree conversion plug / AC-DC adapter / Fixating Stage Plate
 Body size/weight W:130 x D:130 x H:30mm 500g(fixing plate and accessories excluded)