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@@LED470-TR60W@-@LED Transilluminator


High-Power LED Transilluminator for Gel Ducumentation & Gel Cutting
With Compound Dichroic Filter, gel detection ability even exceeds UV Transillumonator.
Together with MBP-Mini and digital cameras, it makes great gel doc system !

LED Transilluminator (Direct illumination type) for gel electrophoresis. Special dichroic filter eliminates unwanted background and produces sharp band images. Makes convenient system with Bio-Pyramid-Mini® and digital camera.


MBP Mini & Camera set

Dichroic Filter Effect

Safe visible ray (470nm Blue) EHigh power chip LED x 25
@Super high-power with unprecedented 60w level output.
@Highly efficient and evironment]friendly monochrome LED
@prevent heat genaration and protect sample from deterioration.
Compound Dichroic Filter
@Compound dichroic filter holds wavelength with steep cut-curve.
@Together with high power 505nm LED, the it excites wide range of
@reagent such as SYBR Green, GFP, EGFP, SYBR, SYPRO Ruby, and more.
Emission Area size = 130 x 140 mm
@There is no emission irregularity throughout the surface area.
@Suited for various gel sizes from mini gel to midium size gel
High-Contrast filter cover cuts excitation ray below 560nm
@Gel cutting can be operated with half-open filter cover
Additional features
@Auto Power-off F Automatically turned off after 5 minutes.
@High Power mode F Hold down a power button provides 1.5 x power.
Gel Documentation with Bio-Pyramid-Mini !!
@Just by placing Bio-Pyramid-Mini on top, it will make handy
@gel documentation system. For recording device, compact digital
@camera with Vari-angle LCD is recommended.

 LED505 or LED470 ?? ¨  

@‘@Set Composition & Price

@Standard System - LED Transilluminator LED470-TR60W + Standard Accessories
  LED Transilluminator (@470nm)  LED470-TR60W  US$ 1,390
1. LED transilluminator : with Orange filter (cut below 560nm)
2. AC-DC Adapter : 100V-240V Universal- 24V 2.7A 65W
3. Gel Cut Out Goggle : High Contrast (cut below 570nm) / wearable over glass

@‘@Optional Equipment

Compact, light-weight gel doc hood. Enables documentation just by set it up on LED transilluminator Recommended digital camera set with all necessary options for gel documentation.
Price US$ 520
Price US$ 1,034

@‘@System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price System Composition    
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ««  
 LED470-TR60W  US$ 1,390    
US$ 1,910     
 US$ 2,944    
   Product Code LED505-DF36w MBP-Mini G7XM2-BSET
Price US$ 1,390 US$ 520 US$ 1,034

@‘ Fluorescent reagent compatible list

 Reagent  Ex Peak Em Peak   
GFP  470nm 530nm 
EGFP 470nm 530nm 
SYBR Green  470nm 530nm 
EGFP  310 / 520nm (16%) 610nm  ›
SYBR Red 470nm 530nm ›
SYPRO Orange 470nm 530nm ›