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LED Transmitted Light for Stereo-Microscope
Large Area White LED illuminator

LED transmitted lighting for low power Stereo-Microscope
Large surface area is evenly lit from below.
Enables observation and documentation with precision.

 ■ Set Composition & Prices

Code #  Component Price
DSTL-W LED Transmitted main unit
 + Dimmer Control Unit
US$ 520

 ■ Size and Specification

  Emission Unit
 Input DC 12V
 Consumption 5.2 W
 Output 100 mA
 Intensity 9,000 Lux
 Luminance 3,000cd/u
 Illuminace ratio over 80%
 Size 103 x 128 x 20mm
 Weight 200g 
 Emission area 90 x 60mm
 Power Supply Unit
 Input AC 100-120V 
 Watt 10 W
 Lighting system Direct constant current
 Dimmier adjust 100 - 0 %
 Weight 520g
 Size 55 x 70 x 13mm