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  Olympus STYLUS 1s Set


Optional Items for Gel Documentation - Imaging System BIO-PYRAMID® Easy electrophoresis gel imaging system (hood) for DNA, RNA and protein gel. Compatible with most transilluminator and consumer digital camera. Among the latest models of digital
cameras, STYLUS 1s is best suited for
Gel Documentation with Bio Pyramid !

■ High sensor linearity
■ Vertically tilting 3inch LCD touchscreen.
■ Sensitivity up tp 12800 ISO.
■ Optical image stabilization is built-in to
  help combat blur from camera shake.
■ With in-camera Wi-Fi wireless networking
  connectivity and free apps for Android
  and iOS devices, the Stylus 1s allows for
  remote live view oparation
** Image is MBP01-S1S

 ■ System Composition & Price
+ MBP01 +Mini

S1S-BSET (Bio-Pyramid is sold separately)
 Stylus 1s  Olympus Stylus 1s   
 Conversion Adapter  CLA-13
 SD Card (16GB)    Memory Card 
 Raynox Ring Adapter  RA5255B
 User Manual  
                              Set Price US$ 645