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Gel Documentation System
Optional Items

 Olympus STYLUS-1s Set    Gel Tray    Gel Target / Gel Ruler
Equipped with Vari-angle monitor. Recommended digital camera set which include all options for
gel documentation.
Made by UV transmitted acrylic.
Gel tray can be used directly on top of UV transilluminator for observation and documentation.
Gel Target / Gel Ruler are lit when exposed to UV and LED. It assists forcusing and zooming.
Price US$ 645
Price US$ 43
Price US$ 13-30


 ■ Photo Printer
PM225 US$  EPSON Photo Printer Charm
Print out image directly from digital camera. Easier, clearer than Polaroid with low cost. Photo can be preserved for long time.

 ■ Lighting - LED / UV Transilluminator
US$ 1,390 LED Transilluminator
Powerful light source for gel doc operation with 60W class
LED and compound dichroic filter. Safe visible ray (505nm Cyan) covers EtBr to SYBR Green
BLED-BX US$ 630   Gel Cut-Out set (470nm Blue LED)
Safe visible ray LED Box. Suited for SYBR Green,
SYPRO Orange.Contrast enhancing filter and goggle
comes with set.
CLED-BX US$ 680  Gel Cut-Out set (505nm Cyan LED)
Safe visible ray LED Box. Suited for EtBr, SYBR Gold,
SYBR Green, DsRed, Flamingo, Gel Green, Gel Red, FITC etc.
Contrast enhancing filter and goggle comes with set.
MBP-UV312 US$ 1,110   UV Transilluminator
Low price yet high power UV transilluminator for Gel documentation. Quality filter eliminate IR leakage and
enables to capture high contrast images.

 ■ Other Option
MF-SC60 US$ 39  SC60 Sharp-Cut Filter
(**Bio-Pyramid Mini - Standard accessory)
For observation of EtBr, Gel Red, SYPRO Red, DS Red etc
MF-SC56A US$ 33   SC56 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange,
GFP etc, with BLUE LED.
MFC65-52 US$ 130  IR Cut ・Contrast Filter (650nm - 1100nm Cut)
IR cut filter prevent IR ray (generated by transilluminator) to be captured along for documentation. It helps to capture images with high contrast.  
★ φ52mm metal filter frame more info
CU-3 US$ 15   Close Up Lens
Bio-Pyramid Mini focal length is 203mm. 
Please use Close up lens when camera is unable
to focus in this range.
YG-SC57 US$ 66   Gel Cut Goggle (standard accessory for LED505-TR60W)
Gel cut Goggle (below 570nm) widely usable for Blue and Green excitation
High contrast filter enable to observe sharp band images.
It is also wearable over glass.
 MBP-SM  US$ 220   Universal Super Mount
Super Mount enables small digital cameras (with no filter thread)
to be installed to Bio-Pyramid by utilizing tripod hole.

more info

 ■ Main Body
MBP-01 US$ 920 Bio-Pyramid
Handy gel documentation hood at convenient price.
Hood is compatible with most consumer digital camera models.
Equipped with large UV cut observation window.

MBP-LEDB US$ 1,970 Bio-Pyramid with Blue LED
Bio-Pyramid with Built-in Blue LED (470nm) enables all sorts of Blue LED fluorescent photography.
■ Compatible Reagent (@ 470nm)
SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange, FIT, GFP, etc.

MBP-LEDC US$ 1,970 Bio-Pyramid with Cyan LED
Bio-Pyramid with Built-in Cyan LED (505nm) enables all sorts of
Cyan LED fluorescent photography.
■ Compatible Reagent (@ 505nm)
  EtBr, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green, DsRed, Flamingo,
  Gel Green, Gel Red, FITC etc.
MBP-Mini US$ 520 Bio-Pyramid Mini
Compact, light-weight and low-price gel documentation hood.
It enables gel documentation just by placing it on transilluminator.
Compatible with most consumer digital camera models.

Shield Mat for Bio-Pyramid mini
When using Bio-Pyramid mini together with large size UV Transilluminator, shield mat limits emission area and prevent UV leakage
MBP-LBX US$ 770 Gel LaBox - Gel Observation & Cut-Out Hood
Just by attaching on top of transilluminator, Gel Labox enables safe observation and cut-out operation of gel. Black-Hole filter eliminate ambient light entirely and allow to see even weal band with clarity