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  MBPmini-iPA - Bio Pyramid mini with SmartPhone

Compact and Light Gel Documentation System with SmartPhone   
SmartPhone models with high sensitivity camera enables safe and easy gel documentation
Together with our High power LED transilluminator, quality fluorescence images are attainable.
system & price▼ optional items▼ set price▼ spec▼
Easy Installation
iPhone6/6s  iPhone7/8  DIYadapter
  * Image is MBPmi-iPA-LED505. HD monitor and smartphone is not include in the set
■ Gel Documentation in New Era
  Rapidly‐advancing smartphones camera is now effective tools for gel documentation
  with our Bio-Pyramid mini. Great support tool for your thesis !
■ Clear and sharp image even with weak bands
  High sensitivity camera of smartphones can capture high quality images of even weak fluorescence bands.
  Free apps as "Night Shot" further enhances its ability to capture clear and sharp images.
■ Real-time observation with large size HD monitor
  iPhone has option of wired and Wi-Fi conversion to HDMI. Real-time image on the large displays
  would be useful tool for educational purpose or sharing information with colleagues in distant location.
■ Compatible also with smartphones other than iPhone.
  It is originally designed and developed for iPhone use, however it can also be attached to other smartphones
  with DIY attaching adapter. Please contact us for details.
■ Best educational tool for smartphone generation.
  Good educational tool for young students who use smartphones heavily and tend not to use PC/digicam so much.
  Together with various SNS serices available, it opens up possibility of distance learning as well.

 ■ Set Composition & Price

                   * select one (for iPhone6/6s/7) when placing order
MBPmini-M75 + iPhone7/8 adapter MBPmini-iPA7 US$ 714 
MBPmini-M75 + iPhone6/6s adapter MBPmini-iPA6 US$ 714 
MBPmini-M75 + Universal DIY adapter
** Smartphone case and DIY processing required
MBPmini-DPA US$ 704 

 ■ Optional Equipment

LED Transilluminator   LED Transilluminator    iPhone adapter
LEDトランスイルミネーター TR60W 
LEDトランスイルミネーター DF36W 
60W class, high power LED Transillumnator with wavelength peak at 505nm (visible ray) Hi36W class, high power LED Transilluminator with wavelength peak at 505nm (visible ray) Additional iPhone adapter.
Select from iPhone model 6/6s/7
Price US$ 1,390
Price US$ 920
Price US$ 94
* MBPmini-CCD/PLBX-CCD are
 compatible with the adapter too.

Universal DIY adapter
DIY smartphone adapter for
other than iPhone model 6/6s/7
Price US$ 84
** Smartphone case and
  DIY processing required

   Installation : Universal DIY adapter (MBP-DPA)
@ draw the line along the center of the lens A draw guide line at 20mm toward right B align with camera lens's center C put temporal tacking tape on the right side
D open/close to maker sure
there is not gap
E remove protective film and adhere F shield sides with black tape
when there will be gap due to
the phone shape
** Please use phone case with black color and flat, smooth surface
  for better adherence. Silicon type can not be used.

 ■ System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price System Composition    
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓  
** Select one from below set for iPhone 6/6s/7 
 MBPmi-iPA US$ 714
 MBPmi-iPA-505TR  US$ 2,104
 MBPmi-iPA-505DF US$ 1,634
Product Code MBPmi-M75 MBP-iPA LED505-TR60w LED505-DF36W
Price US$ 620 US$ 94 US$ 1,390 US$ 920
** Please inquire us about DIY adapter set for smartphone models other than iPhone 6/6s/7 

 ■ Specification

 Bio-Pyramid Mini - Main Console 
 Maximum Shooting Area   167 mm x 147 mm (interior dimension at the bottom)
 Shooting Distance (to the lens)   Approx 216mm
 Filter  Use φ52 filter
 Size  Width 187mm x Depth 167mm (exterior dimension)
 Height 204mm (excluding Lens tube)
 Material  Acrylic etc