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  MBPmini-CCD - Bio Pyramid mini with CCD Camera Set

 Bio-Pyramid Mini with high sensitivity CCD camera system.
 It is ideal Gel Documentation system for our LED transilluminator
 Observe and capture image with USB connection to your PC.


system composition▼    price▼    optional items▼
USB接続CCDカメラ 電気泳動ゲル撮影装置 ポラロイドタイプ撮影フード
Cooling CCD system with high sensitivity CMOS.
This new CCD camera achieved about 20 times more
sensitivity than previous model. Now able to capture
surprisingly clear images of even weak emission.
The USB connection to your PC would enable
capturing of both movie and still photo (1.3MP)
with easy to use operation software.
Together zoom lens (F1.4), compact and light weight
gel doc hood enables to operate just like a old Polaroid
Equipped with large size UV cut observation window.
**image is MBPmi-CCD-LED505
PC is not included

 ■ Set Composition & Price

Bio-Pyramid Mini (CCD Model) + CCD Camera Set MBPmini-CCD US$ 1,520 

 ■ Optional Equipment

LED Transilluminator   LED Transilluminator    CCD Camera Set
High intensity LED Transillumnator can be used for variety of reagent from EtBr to SYBR green Hi36W class, high power LED Transilluminator with wavelength peak at 505nm (visible ray) Achieved appox 20 times more sensitivity than previous model.
The system comes with easy to use operation software.
Price US$ 1,390
Price US$ 920
Price US$ 900

 ■ System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price System Composition    
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓  
 MBPmi-CCD US$ 1,520
 MBPmi-CCD-LED505  US$ 2,910
 MBPmi-CCD-505DF US$ 2,440
Product Code MBPmi-M75 CCD-BSET LED505-TR60w LED505-DF36W
Price US$ 620 US$ 900 US$ 1,390 US$ 920

 ■ Specification

 Bio-Pyramid Mini (MBP-mini) - Main Console 
 Maximum Shooting Area   167 mm x 147 mm (interior dimension at the bottom)
 Shooting Distance (distance to lens)   Approx 216 mm
 Filter  Use φ52mm filter
 Size (mm)  W187 x D167 (exterior) x H204 (with no camera)
 Material  Acrylic etc
 Power Cons / Power-supply  0.75W (150mA) / DC+5V (USB bus power)
 Operation / Storage temp  -5℃ to +45℃ / -5℃ to +50℃
 Operation / Storage Humidity  below 90%Rh (must to be condensed)
 Image Sensor / Pixel  1/3 inch CMOS sensor / 1305 × 977
 Camera / Lens Mount  1.3 MP CMOS sensor / CS mount
 Output  HD (30fps), VGA (60fps)
 USB / Cable length  USB video class & USB bus power compatible /
 less than 3 meter long recommened
 System Requirement  CPU 800MHz or more, memory 512MB or more
 USB 2.0 port
 System Recommened  CPU Intel Core iTM series or newer,
 memory 2GB or more, USB 2.0 port,
 monitor resolution1920 × 1080 or more
 Operation confirmed OS  Vista  32bit/64bit
 Win7  32bit/64bit
 Win8  32bit/64bit
 Win10 32bit/64bit
 ★ not compatible with XP, Apple products