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  Gel Documentation/Imaging System

Gel Documentation System

UV Transilluminator

Gel Documentation System UV Transilluminator
Bio-Pyramid is handy gel doc system and compatible with most consumer digital camera via filter thread or Universal Super Mount High intensity/contrast transilluminator.
Equipped with bkack-hole fileter, Gel-Labox eliminate ambient light efficiently, enables gel-cut in bright room.


LED Transilluminator

LED Transilluminator
High intensity/contrast LED transilluminator !
With high power LED and dichroic filter, It enables observation of even weak bands. Compatible with wide variety of reagent.

Stained agarose/acrylamide gel electrophoresis documentation and imaging system (hood) for DNA, RNA and protein gel. Compatible with most transilluminator and consumer digital camera. Bio-Pyramid system is ideal replacement for old Polaroid system