Microscope Adapter
for DSLR
for compact digicam
for Camcorder
for C-mount camera
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Installation to Microscope Trinocular Port
& Eyepiece tube ƒΣ23.2/30 mm

DSLR Microscope Adapter - NY-1S / NY-1S35 (3 pieces = 1 set)

3 Pieces = 1 Set
[aFMain body] [bFConversion Sleeve ƒ³23.2 ¨ 30mm] [cFC mount adapter]


Maker attachment should be connected to a: Main Body (NY-1S) first,
Then attach to DSLR camera mount.

1. Installation to Microscopes' C Mount port

@2-1. Installation to ƒ³23.2 mm eyepiece
Inside diameter
23.2mm (JIS)

@2-2. Installation to ƒ³30 mm eyepiece
Inside diameter

@3. Installation to Nikon F-Phototube (fixable with screw)

@Optional Fixation Sleeve
d: PT Phototube Fixation sleeve NY-BH
e: JIS Phototube Fixation Sleeve NY-JIS

@4. Installation to Olympus PT-Phototube ** PT phototube sleeve is required

*Optional Sleeve

Compatible with SZ-PT / SZH-PT / U-SPT / IX-PT etc

šOlympus trinocular port with cap only

When no parts is attached to Olympus trinocular port, and only small cap is on it, select the Mecan original phototube NY-USPT.
It enables to install an adapter directory with no other option.

Mecan original phototube
for Olympus Microscope

@5. Installation to old type Olympus Microscope (BH type etc) ** PT phototube sleeve is required

@6. Installation to JIS phototube ** JIS phototube sleeve is required

@7. Ocular Micrometer insertable
Speciality Ocular Micrometer for photomicrography

scale 10mm / 100 division
pitch 0.1mm
Regular ocular micrometer has a scale and numbers etched at the center.
S11-CF removed the numbers and shifted the scale from center
for a clear view !!
S11-CF Sample images

Mecan offers various type of Ocular and Stage Micrometer for your specific needs !
Stage Micrometer
Ocular Micrometer

 C-Mount Eyepiece F-Tube PT-Tube JIS Tube