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  Microscope Adapter for C-Mount CCD/CMOS Camera

Microscope Adapter for C-Mount CCD/USB Camera

NY-CZ adapter connect most C-mount (CCD/CMOS/USB) cameras to microscope's eyepiece tube and trinocular ports.
With built-in zoom lens (0.35-0.75x), NY-CZ is compatible with wide range of CCD size from 1/3 to 2/3

■ USB Camera / CCD Camera Microscope Adapter
CCD Cam Adapter
C-Mount Camera Microscope Adapter
High Precision optical system with 0.35-0.75x zoom feature
Compatible with wide range of CCD sensor sizes.
Enable to capture high quality microscope photo with no vignetting.

Price $ 592

■ USB/CCD Camera & Microscope Adapter Set
CCD camera - RS40P Set
0.4MP CCD camera. Connect to TV monitor for real time video view and capture
Price $ 977