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Field of View and Shooting Coverage

Question:What is the magnification of Relay-lens inside the DSLR adapter (NY-1S)? 
  The magnification of the microscope adapter (built-in relay lens) is variable
depending on such factor as Camera CCD sizes, TV/PC Monitor sizes, and
Print sizes etc
, as to be it is almost meaningless to describe in number.
Realistically speaking, it is more important what percentage of image
,which can be seen in the eyepiece, can be captured.
** The Illustration below summarizes resulting image area that is captured with
various Eyepiece FOV and Camera CCD Sizes combination.
1 Shooting Image is based on the area that is visible with a 10x Eyepiece.
2 Please make sure FOV (filed of view) of you particular eyepiece.
  ** FOV varies with eyepiece models (even if magnifications are same) and visible area would as well varies accordingly.
3 Eyepieces for high power microscope usually has FOV of 18 to 22. Regular Stere-microscope usually has FOV from 22 to 27.

 Magnification and Calculation Method

** Subject to change for improvement.

Calculation example:
Camera : Canon EOS REBEL T3i
Image Sensor Format : 22.3×14.9mm
(approx1.06inch / APS-C size)
LCD monitor size : 3.0 in. (Screen aspect ratio of 3:2)
Compatible adapter : NY-1S (x1.74)
Objective Lens : x 20
Displayed magnification =20×1.74×(3/1.06)= approx x 98.5
on the LCD