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Microscope Digital Camera Adapter
C-mount (CCD/CMOS) camera

Microscope adapter for C-mount (CCD/CMOS) camera NY-CZ
Series have sold more than 15,000 units and has been acclaimed for exceeding
the quality of the manufactures' product !!

NY-CZ is designed and developed originally for C-mount (CCD/CMOS) cameras. Adapters can be installed onto almost any microscope through the eyepiece, phototube, c-mount, and enables you to capture high quality microscopic images !!

Demo Units are Now Available for US and Canada Customers !!
Please Contact Us for the detail !!

C-mount Camera Zoom Adapter NY-CZ

Catalog - NY-CZ

Code # Direct price
NY-CZ @+A  $658.00 0.4kg.
C-mount camera Zoom adapter (0.35x〜0.7x)
Compatible with CCD size of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 inch

@ Main unit with built-in relay lens.
Compatible with eyepiece inside diameter Φ23.2mm
Compatible with C-mount camera (Φ25.4mm screw).
A Φ30mm conversion adapter.
Together with main part, compatible with
eyepiece inside diameter Φ30mm.
0.4MP C-mount CCD Video Camera NY-RS40P
Code # Direct price
NY-RS40P   $430.00 kg
C-mount CCD camera (for TV monitor)
2XC-C $160.00 kg
C-mount 2x lens

Wide range of auto-control feature makes it best suited for microscpe use.
Produces vivid monitor image.

Comes with :
- AC adapte
- TV Connector cable
- PIN BNC compatible
- AC switch

 NY-RS40P camera specification
 TV signal  NTSC
 Censor  1/3 inch / 0.4megapixel / color
 CCD resolution  711(H) x 508(V)
 Scan mode  525 line 60 field/per second
 Data format  RGB 24
 SYNC system  Internal
 Minimum light intensity  0.8Lux F1.2 5600K
 Resolution  470 TVL/ 560 TVL
 White balance range  3200 - 10000K
 S/N rate  52dB(Min) / 60dB(Typ)
 Electronic shutter  1/60〜1/120,000/per second
 Gamma-correction  0.45
 Shooting Coverage with Z-2  19.0 x 14.0mm〜2.4 x 1.75mm(horizontal x vertical)
 Size  W50.5 x H66 x D64.5mm
 Weight  260g

★ No optional sleeve required for C-mount, Nikon F-TV tube・Eyepiece Lens(φ23.2/30mm)
Eyepiece Lens Φ23.2mm Eyepiece Lens Φ30mm
Attach to eyepiece part.
Insert adapter to eyepiece
inside diameter Φ23.2mm.
Attach to eyepiece part.
Insert adapter to eyepiece
inside diameter Φ30mm
** use Φ30mm conversion ring
(standard accessory)

Attach to any microscope with optional sleeves
Olympus・SZ-PT phototube JIS phototube Nikon F-TV tube
Olympus BH (PT) phototube,
Fixate to JIS photo tube.
inside Φ23.2mm,
outside Φ25mm.
Trinocular tube of Optiphot ・
Biophot・ Metaphot. Eclipse series.
V-T photo tube of SMZ800/1000. etc.
Olympus trinocular has no tubes but only plastic cap ?
** Adapters can be attached to Nikon LV-TV, V-T, C-mount TV Adapter, Olympus U-SPT, SZ-PT, SZH-PT, U-TV1x, U-CMAD3 etc.
Inquire Us ask us if you are not sure about your phototube type. For Zeiss, Wild, or any other microscopes brands.
By Phototube Type Please also refer this page

Adapter is compatible with
size Φ21mm ocular micrometer.

Our S11-CF is specifically designed for digital camera documentation on stereo-microscopes.
Sample Image

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