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  C-mount HDMI Camera - MST-HD93 Set


   High-Definition (HD) Camera
Newest HD digital output camera, ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with
HD resolution. This ultra-compact camera provides more operational space, freedom to operator without requirement of PC. In additions to HD720p, 16x9 image at 60fps, it is equipped with upgraded censor with 1.5 times more sensitivity (compare to previous model) provides brighter filed of view.

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   Features - MST-HD93 - HDMI (HD) Camera

Various features in Compact body !
Direct-Connect Monitor Viewing via
DVI - HDMI Connector (output DVI1.0)
3.5φ stereo jack for remote control unit
AWB/Manual/Push-to-set white balance selectable via the UART communication
Connecting jack for AC adapter

   Set Composition

   Set Price
 NYCZ-MSTHD93 - HDMI C-Mount Camera + Microscope Adapter Set
 HDMI C-Mount Camera + Accessories  MST-HD93
 C-Mount Camera Microscope Adapter  NY-CZ
Set Price   US$ 1,416

   Optional Item
 Olympus PT type phototube sleeve   NY-BH US$ 53
 JIS type phototube sleeve  NY-JIS US$ 53
 Nikon F type phototube sleeve   NY-NF US$ 32
 Ocular Micormeter for Microscope Adapter    S11-CF US$ 120

** Download viewer software from Here
 Product Code MST-HD93
 Frame Rate 60fps
 Effective Pixels 1280 x 720
 Sensor Size 1/3"
 Cell Size (HxV, μm) 4.08 x 4.08
 Image Area (HxVxD, mm) 2.9 x 5.2 x 6.0
 Sensor Color ICX692AQA
 Lens Mount C-Mount
 White Balance AWB/Manual/Push-to-set (via UART communication)
 Camera operation button Push Button
 UART communication +3.3 V UART (via 3.5Φ stereo jack) - Speed : 38,400 / 19,200 / 9,600bps
 Optical Filter IR Cut filter on
 Power Supply Input : DC+9-15V (Typical:DC+12V) Consumption: less than 2.8W
 Size / Weight W40 x H40 x D45.8mm - 45g * connector excluded