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  C-Mount Camera Microscope Adapter - Field of View

Q:What is the magnification of Relay-lens inside the C-mount camera adapter NY-CZ? 
The magnification of the relay-lens is variable depending on such factor as
CCD/CMOS size, monitor size, and print size etc, as to it is almost impossible
to discribe in number. In practically term, it is more important what percentage
of image seen with eyepiece can be caputred.
magnification & calculation method

From below image, you can see visually how each of above factor intermingle.
Please refer to above data to determine.
Prerequisite Shooting Condition
1 Eyepiece 10x
2 FOV of High magnification microscope is mainly from 18 to 22. FOV of stereo-microscope is mainly from 22 to 27.

click to enlarge
** High magnicication zoom would narrow a coverage.
On the contrary, low magnification zoom would broaden a coverage

 Magnification and Calculation Method

C-Mount CCD/CMOS camera Microscope Adapter - Field of View (F.O.V) . Compatible with 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 CCD/CMOS  sensor sizes. Enable to capture image with no vignetting

** Subject to change for improvement.

Calculation example:
Image Sensor Format : 1/2 inch
PC monitor size 17 inch
Adapter : NY-CZ (w/ max zoom 0.7x)
Objective Lens : x 20
Displayed magnification = 20 x 0.7 x (17/0.5)= approx 476 x
on the LCD