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  Canon EOS M100 Set - NY1S-EOSM100

High performance Mirror-Less DSLR with Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables high-speed focusing
for capturing fleeting moments and smooth transition of focus between subjects with the
touch of a finger. Also, 100-25,600 ISO range helps capture sharp images, even in low light
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Mirror-Less DSLR packed with
various photomicrography
-friendly features !

* Powerful 24.2 MP
large size sensor
* Intuitive Touchscreen
3.0-inch Tilt-type LCD.
* Time-lapse Movie Mode
* ISO range up tp 25,600
* Fast and easy Wi-Fi connectivity
with free Camera Connect app.



Powerful 24.2 MP sensor captures fine details and dynamic, rich colors.
DIGIC 7 Processor help produces high image quality and fast operation, even in in low light.
CMOS analogue-to-digital converters produces 14-bit output to give 16,384 levels per channel
Auto white balance (AWB) to obtain natural-looking colors
Maximum ISO at 25,600
Bluetooth feature for easy connectivity to various devices
Shutter speed range 1/4000 to 30 sec

   Sample Movie taken with M100
   * Hatching of Japanese killifish (0:38 - recommened to watch with x 0.25 speed)

   Easy Menu Navigation
Intuitive touchscreen makes it easy
to use just as using smartphone.
Once camera/smartphone are paired,
wi-fi connectivity will be maintained
even when camera's power is set off.
Enable to transfer files directly to a
compatible smart device with no hassle.

   Time-Lampse Movie Mode
Time-lapse is a series of still images taken
with set intervals replayed in sequence
producing a time-compressed video.
Time-lapse feature customize shooting
interval and enable to creates a unique
experience for the audience to see subject transition over expanded period of time.

   Free App : Camera Connect
Camera Connect is a unified app that
connects your mobile devices to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth equipped Canon camera.

   Set Composition & Set Price

NY1S-EOSM100L - Standard Zoom Lens Set
 Canon EOS M100 - Lens Set
 SD Card (16GB)    Memory Card 
 DSLR Microscope Adapter  NY-1S
 Canon EOS M attachment
Set Price   US$ 1,497

   Optional Item

 Olympus PT type phototube sleeve   NY-BH US$ 53
 JIS type phototube sleeve  NY-JIS US$ 53
 Ocular Micormeter for Microscope Adapter    S11-CF US$ 120